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Cary, NC – Cary car owners can now turn to none other than Sharky’s Auto Glass for all their auto glass replacement needs. The company promises to provide an exceptional service and unmatched quality to every customer. Car owners who want to save money on auto glass repair and replacement while at the same time be guaranteed of a job well done can trust Sharky’s Auto Glass services. The company can advice car owners when to consider a complete replacement depending on the extent of the damage.

Sharky’s Auto Glass has offered a wide range of repair and replacement services and are considered the best windshield installation & repair company in Cary North Carolina. From repairing broken and cracked windshields to replacing the entire glass, the licensed technicians are ready to handle any kind of job, big or small. The company now offers reliable replacement services to ensure no car owner in Cary NC, is left stranded with broken glass.

Experts you can trust in Cary, North Carolina

We all know how important it is for certain car parts such as windshields to be replaced properly. Errors in the repair or replacement process can lead to further damage and even risk the motorist’s life on the road. In fact, Sharky’s Auto Glass helps car owners to save money by making sure the replacement is properly done the first time and eliminating additional costs in future. The highly skilled auto glass technicians have worked on multiple models and brands of cars so it’s safe to say your car will be in good hands when you take it to Sharky’s Auto Glass.

A Quick and Efficient Replacement Service

For car owners who need the repairs or replacements to be done quickly, Sharky’s Auto Glass is the place to go. The company promises to perform all the repairs fast and effectively. Whether it’s a small crack or a major broken part, the car glass technicians are ready to take on the next challenge. They specialize in fixing both rear and front windshields. In fact, the technicians at Sharky’s Auto Glass recommend taking good care of both the front and rear windshields because both play a role in keeping you safe in the event that you are involved in a collision.

Experts in all types of auto glass

Cars are made using all kinds of glass so it’s important to have a technician with extensive experience repair or replace the windshield on your car properly. Sharky’s Auto Glass technicians have just the right tools and equipment to fix your auto glass. Whether your car has been involved in a collision or you just noticed a small crack and want it fixed before it gets worse, the technicians are able to recommend the best course of action.

About Sharky’s Auto Glass

Sharky’s Auto Glass is a leading provider of car glass repair and replacement services in Cary, NC. The company has dedicated more than 26 years to offering comprehensive repairs and replacement services. They handle windshield repairs among other services. Sharky’s Auto Glass goal is to offer dependable services so that car owners can get peace of mind and save money in the process. To find out more about Sharky’s Auto Glass, visit their website: or call (919) 422-8397.

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When to Get Your Auto Windshield Repaired

Auto Windshield Repair Tips

Modern day windshields are made of two curved sheets of glass with a laminated plastic layer between the two. This is referred to as laminate safety glass design that prevents the windshield from breaking into shards of glass in case of impact. Laminate safety glass usually does not break into pieces on impact, it may simply shatter or warp but the pieces will remain attached to the plastic layer between the two layers of glass reducing the chances of injury.
The windshield is an integral design feature of the vehicle: it protects passengers against any flying debris, laminated safety glass prevents injury in case of an accident and the windshield also helps hold up the roof of the car in case it rolls over. Windshield damage can reduce the efficiency of the windshield in its function as a safety feature. A damaged windshield can put the vehicle passengers at risk of serious injuries.

Windshield damage can either be repaired or the entire windshield should be replaced. Repairable damage includes chips that are less than the size of a quarter and cracks than are less than three inches long. Larger cracks and chips may be repaired upon assessment by a professional technician.

Auto windshield repair will not be advisable in the following cases:

1. Any damage to the inside glass layer of the windshield will be difficult to repair and can reduce the structural integrity of the windshield.

2. Windshield repair is only advisable if the crack or chip is on one layer of the glass only, the outside layer. Any damage to both lays of glass through the plastic laminate layer in between cannot be repaired. You will need to replace the entire windshield.

3. Damages to the edges of the windshield such as cracks and chips should not be repaired. This kind of damage compromises the bonding between the windshield and the adhesive to the metal frame of the vehicle. Cracks particularly over the rain sensor or internal radio antenna cannot be repaired.

4. Most windshield repair technicians will often avoid repairing windshield damage over the driver’s critical viewing area. Even while using great quality repair materials; it is not usual to end up with some level of discoloration or blurriness. It is not advisable to do repairs in the critical viewing area or driver’s line of vision as this can reduce visibility.

5. Complicated and multiple cracks are difficult to repair as they leave the windshield weakened and vulnerable to damage on the slightest impact. The repair technician has to asses such damage carefully to determine whether a successful repair will be possible. The same scenario applies for very long cracks, or cracks longer than 3 inches long.

6. Contaminated cracks are also difficult to repair since the resin material will not bond properly with the glass. Cracks and chips can become more contaminated the longer they are left without repairs. You should plan to see the technician as soon as you notice any damage to the windshield.

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Windshield Repair In Raleigh NC

How to Know When to Get Windshield Repair

man fixing a windshield on a car

Your car windshield has a couple of important roles in your vehicle. First, it protects you from the flying objects and debris that your car comes in contact with while driving. It also acts as an important structural feature in your vehicle that keeps the car occupants safely inside the vehicle on impact and helps to prevent the car roof from caving in case the car rolls over. With all this in mind, you can tell why keeping your windshield in impeccable condition is important.

Windshield damage can occur in various ways. Most damage is caused by the impact of flying or dropping objects that crack or chip the windshield. The extent of damage will determine the risk of something seriously bad happening in an accident. Windshields can either be repaired or replaced when damaged. Repairing the windshield glass referrers to using a resin material to fill up the cracked or chipped area and smoothing it out to restore the smooth surface of the windshield. Most chips and cracked can be repaired depending on the size, type, depth and location of the damage on the windshield. Factors that can affect repairs include age, amount or contamination, location and severity of the damage to the windshield.

Size and depth of damage

Any chip that is an inch in diameter and cracks less than three inches long should be quite easy to repair. With new technology, technicians are able to repair wider and longer cracks than the traditional dollar bill size. However, they need to carefully asses the odds of each situation before carrying out the repairs.

Type of damage

There are different kinds of cracks and chips that can occur on your windshield, some may be easy to repairs and others are not. Most star breaks, bulls-eye chips, crack chips, dings and pits are quite easy to repair; however, multiple cracks may be more difficult to repair. You can check the cracks and chips using a quarter, if the quarter covers the damage, it will be quite easy to fix for a technician.

Location of the damage

Because it is a resin material that is used to fix the damage, there are chances of leaving behind some discoloration, mistiness or unevenness in the windshield, which can cause blurred vision while driving. Technicians do not advise doing repairs on windshield damage in the driver’s line of sight as it may reduce visibility. The technician will consider the driver while determining the line of sight over the steering wheel depending on the height of the driver.

Damage that cannot be repaired

Windshield repair is not advisable if the cracks or chips are near the edge of the windshield as these cracks and chips weaken the windshield and the bonding to the metal frame. Technicians will also avoid doing windshield repairs on the inside of the windshield, if the damage affects both layers of glass of the windshield, if the damage is in the diver’s critical viewing area, if the crack is contaminated or if there is damage over the rain sensor and internal radio antenna.



What is auto glass made of

Different Types of Auto Glass You Should Know About

auto glass on a car

Glass is one of the most versatile materials for hundreds of applications. It is used in construction, jewelry, utensils, artwork and auto glass too among other users. The use of glass began over thousands of years ago in Egypt found as a byproduct of volcanic activity. Glass today is manufactured using ceramic materials. The glass in your home windows is usually made of standard glass that can shatter into large shards when you break it. Standard glass is used in windows because they are not expected to receive much strain.

Vehicle windows, on the other hand, are exposed to a lot of strain when the car drives through potholes and over rocks, fender-benders, and flying debris. Automotive glass comes in two main varieties of safety glass, which can handle the pressures of the job without breaking easily, or in large shards like house windows. Automotive windows are made of laminated glass and tempered glass.

Laminated glass is used in the vehicle’s windshield. This type of auto glass is made by inserting a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two layers of glass. The glass and PVB layers are compacted and sealed together using pressure rollers and heat, which makes the PVB bond to the glass chemically and mechanically. The PVB has adhesive properties hence the mechanical bonds.

This PVB layer is vital to laminated glass. It gives the laminated glass its ability to absorb energy upon impact. It also makes the glass resistant to penetration from flying projectiles. In case there is an impact, the glass will break, but it will not shatter since the pieces are bonded to the PVB material. This property of laminated glass makes it safe for use in vehicles as it can prevent vehicle occupants from being hurt by broken glass in case of an impact. Laminated glass can reflect about 95% of UV rays from the sun too.

Tempered glass is the other safety glass used on the side windows and rear windshield of vehicles. It differs greatly in form and function to the laminated glass used in the windshield, but it is just as important to vehicle safety. Tempered glass is manufactured by heating and fast cooling glass to room temperature using a system of blowers. Since the surface of the glass cools more quickly than its center, it contracts causing compressive stress while the center of the glass produces tensile stress from expansion due to the temperatures. The two types of stresses give the glass between 5 to 10 times its original strength.

Laminated auto glass has a lot of strength and great safety records. Car manufacturers today are considering the implementation of laminated glass into the side and back windows of vehicles as well. Some manufacturers such as General Motors use laminated glass on the back windows of passenger vehicles. The only challenge of using laminated glass in all the car windows is the laminated glass is hard to break, and it would be difficult for an occupant to exit the vehicle quickly during an emergency. Tempered glass can make escape easier for an injured passenger in an emergency. Visit Sharky’s Auto Glass for more information about auto glass and auto glass repair or replacement.