When to Get Your Auto Windshield Repaired

Auto Windshield Repair Tips

Modern day windshields are made of two curved sheets of glass with a laminated plastic layer between the two. This is referred to as laminate safety glass design that prevents the windshield from breaking into shards of glass in case of impact. Laminate safety glass usually does not break into pieces on impact, it may simply shatter or warp but the pieces will remain attached to the plastic layer between the two layers of glass reducing the chances of injury.
The windshield is an integral design feature of the vehicle: it protects passengers against any flying debris, laminated safety glass prevents injury in case of an accident and the windshield also helps hold up the roof of the car in case it rolls over. Windshield damage can reduce the efficiency of the windshield in its function as a safety feature. A damaged windshield can put the vehicle passengers at risk of serious injuries.

Windshield damage can either be repaired or the entire windshield should be replaced. Repairable damage includes chips that are less than the size of a quarter and cracks than are less than three inches long. Larger cracks and chips may be repaired upon assessment by a professional technician.

Auto windshield repair will not be advisable in the following cases:

1. Any damage to the inside glass layer of the windshield will be difficult to repair and can reduce the structural integrity of the windshield.

2. Windshield repair is only advisable if the crack or chip is on one layer of the glass only, the outside layer. Any damage to both lays of glass through the plastic laminate layer in between cannot be repaired. You will need to replace the entire windshield.

3. Damages to the edges of the windshield such as cracks and chips should not be repaired. This kind of damage compromises the bonding between the windshield and the adhesive to the metal frame of the vehicle. Cracks particularly over the rain sensor or internal radio antenna cannot be repaired.

4. Most windshield repair technicians will often avoid repairing windshield damage over the driver’s critical viewing area. Even while using great quality repair materials; it is not usual to end up with some level of discoloration or blurriness. It is not advisable to do repairs in the critical viewing area or driver’s line of vision as this can reduce visibility.

5. Complicated and multiple cracks are difficult to repair as they leave the windshield weakened and vulnerable to damage on the slightest impact. The repair technician has to asses such damage carefully to determine whether a successful repair will be possible. The same scenario applies for very long cracks, or cracks longer than 3 inches long.

6. Contaminated cracks are also difficult to repair since the resin material will not bond properly with the glass. Cracks and chips can become more contaminated the longer they are left without repairs. You should plan to see the technician as soon as you notice any damage to the windshield.

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